W. Brian Shelton is a gifted speaker who brings energy and insight to the lectern and pulpit when he talks about culture, theology, the bible, and church history. He prides himself in gathering interesting material for his audiences, delivering intellectual and deep content in a clear and simple style.

Brian likes to make history and theology interesting but relevant and friendly. His warmth is evident to audiences of all kinds.

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2015-2018 Speaking Engagements

“Journeys of the Apostles after the New Testament” Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Demorest, Georgia - May 20, 2018

“That Step After High School” Cornelia First Baptist Church Youth Group Cornelia, Georgia - May 2, 2018

“Quest for the Historical Apostles” Author Interview, The Bob Dutko Show, WMUZ Radio Detroit, Michigan - April 24, 2018

“Turn to the Dark Side: Service in Higher Ed Administration" Georgia Governor’s Teaching Fellowship University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning Athens, Georgia - April 4, 2018

“History of Ideas” Rome With Purpose Rome, Italy - March 20-30, 2018

“Overcoming Theological Anxiety in Ministry” Before You Quit podcast interview - March 14, 2018

“Good Father Abraham,” Clarkesville First United Methodist Church, Clarkesville, GA June 2017

“Before and After the Resurrection: The Human Condition and Hope,” Clarkesville First United Methodist Church, Clarkesville, GA April 2017

“History of Ideas,” Rome With Purpose, Rome, Italy March 2017

“Grace, Mission, and Christian Institutions in a Contesting Culture,” Bethel College Faculty Retreat and 2016 ReDiscover Series of the Missionary Church Mishawaka, IN August 2016

“Augmenting Martha to Diminish Mary: Hippolytus’ Rejoinder to Gnostic Thought within In Canticum Canticorum,” North American Patristic Society Annual Meeting Chicago, IL May 2016

“A Theodicy of Martyrdom in Hippolytus’ Commentary on Daniel,” Evangelical Theological Society Southeast Regional Conference Columbia International University, Columbia, SC March 2016

“The Holocaust: A Journey Back on Remembrance Day,” Clarkesville First United Methodist Church, Clarkesville, GA April 2015

“Prevenient Grace as the Catalyst of General Revelation: A Facilitated Theologia Naturalis in Romans 1,” Evangelical Theological Society 67th Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA November 2015

2011-2014 Speaking Engagements

“The State of Early Church Martyrdom Scholarship,” Evangelical Theological Society 66th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA November 2014

“Prevenient Grace:  Prevenire, evklu,w, and a Divine Mitigation,” Evangelical Theological Society 65th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD November 2013

“The Strategy and Potential of Interdisciplinary Biblical Courses,” American Biblical Higher Education National Conference, Orlando, FL February 2013

“Lactantius as Architect of a Constantinian and Christian ‘Victory over the Empire,’” Evangelical Theological Society 64nd Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI November 2012
2007-2010 Speaking Engagements

“The Role of Hippolytus in the Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity,” Evangelical Theological Society 62nd Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA November 2010

“Paedobaptist Clauses in Tertullian, Origen, and Cyprian:  A Case Study in Historical Integrity,” Evangelical Theological Society Southeast Regional Conference North Greenville University, Greer, SC March 2010

Response to Bryan M. Litfin, “Origen, Asceticism, and the ‘New Monasticism,’” Evangelical Theological Society 61st Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA November 2009

“Learning from Patristic Responses to Persecution and Cultural Opposition,” Evangelical Theological Society 60th Annual Meeting Providence, RI November 2008

Response to Edward L. Smither, “Aemulator et Imitator: Possidius’ Vita Augustini as a Fifth-Century Discipleship Tool,” Evangelical Theological Society 59th Annual Meeting San Diego, CA November 2007
2003-2006 Speaking Engagements

“Vindicating Blood in the Roman Public Square: The Seminal Patristic Contribution of the Early Third Century,” Evangelical Theological Society 58th Annual Meeting Washington, D.C.   November 2006

“Perceiving Gnostic Theology as Inferior: Evidence from Hippolytus’ Exegetical Works,” Evangelical Theological Society 57th Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA November 2005

“A Theological Critique of the Best Documented Case of Exorcism in the Twentieth Century,” Evangelical Theological Society Southeast Regional Conference Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY March 2005

“Hippolytus as Protégé of Irenaeus and Consequentially Apostolic ‘True Breed,’” Evangelical Theological Society 56th Annual Meeting San Antonio, TX November 2004

“A Martyrdom Motive behind Hippolytus’ Delay of the Parousia,” North American Patristic Society Annual Meeting Loyola University, Chicago, IL May 2004

1999-2002 Speaking Engagements

“A Contemporary Evaluation of Vaccinia [Smallpox]: Dose and Immune Responses,” Insterscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Chicago, IL December 2001

“Sacred Space in Charles Finney’s Conversion Narrative,” American Academy of Religion Midwest Regional Meeting DePaul University, Chicago, IL March 2001

“Intellectual Milieus Particular to Alexandrian & Antiochene Biblical Exegesis,” Committee for the Advancement of Early Studies Conference Ball State University, Muncie, IN October 2000 Novus Paper Competition Conference Winner

“The Messianic Secret and Jewish Royal Accession: Linking the Historical Jesus with Marcan Christology Passages,” Evangelical Theological Society Midwest Regional Meeting St. Louis Christian College, St. Louis, MO   April 2000

“Cultural Accommodation and the Worship Dilemma in American Protestant Churches,” 2000 Bluegrass Symposium: Constructing Culture University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY March 2000

“Redemption in Bede’s Gospel Homilies: Rejuvenation for 8th Century Britain,” 1999 Bluegrass Symposium: Faith, Culture, and Reason University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY March 1999